Supervision in cargo terminals and TARMAC Airport supervision

EDICT staff has AENA clearance, which permits cargo terminal, restricted area and runway access. This allows EDICT oversee the entire process from the moment the work is unloaded from the vehicle on arrival at the terminal, to the placement of the piece into the load unit and subsequent transfer to the runway and into the hold of the airplane. The service is considered “completed” after the flight takes off. We also offer the same service in reverse.

EDICT has personnel with Airside Driving Permits (ADPs) and authorized vehicles permitted into restricted airport areas, allowing close shipment monitoring.

EDICT also oversees hand-carry shipments to and from the door of the plane.

Packing and case-making

The most important element for the passive safety of the artwork is packaging. Packaging must be tailored to every individual piece and must take into account the unique characteristics of each, in order to choose the best and most appropriate material.

Domestic/International Transportation

At EDICT we provide a comprehensive “nail to nail” artwork transport service, both domestically and internationally, using the most modern and advanced technical means.

Assistance to couriers

The tracking of each service includes courier assistance for both domestic and foreign couriers overseeing the process and condition of each piece from the point of origin to its destination.


From the preventive conservation of museum collections to international customs legislation. The entire process must be controlled at all times to minimize possible risks.

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