About us

EDICT, S.L. was founded in 1991 in order to cover a market segment whose demand for artwork transportation and handling services was showing exponential growth. The initial idea and current business philosophy is to offer a comprehensive and highly specialized transportation service.

A global and multidisciplinary vision, covering all art world related services, is a true necessity when dealing with growing diversity and the special conditions required in handling cultural assets. From the preventive conservation of museum collections to international customs laws, the entire process has to be managed at all times in order to minimize uncertainty and, therefore, avoid potential risks.

EDICT offers the following top level services to museums, foundations, art galleries, artists, auction houses and private collectors:

  • Coordination of loans and exhibitions
  • Specialized transport, packing and storage
  • Escort management
  • Administrative formalities processing
  • Customs clearance managed directly by EDICT
  • Accredited agent by the Office of Civil Aviation (under National Security – PNS) for air cargo management
  • Specialized insurance covering artwork
  • Consulting for estimating transportation costs of future projects
  • Active member of numerous associations linked to the specialized transport sector and the art world

Fine art transport

The satisfaction of our customers is our contribution to art.
At EDICT we have the determination and commitment to always offer the highest level of satisfaction.


From the preventive conservation of museum collections to international customs legislation. The entire process must be controlled at all times to minimize possible risks.

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